10 Freedoms of Entrepreneurship

I have always thought the PoCC (Pune Open coffee Club) meet that happens once a month generally on saturday in Pune is of great help to the first generation entrepreneur like me on various levels like, for starters:

  • it expands the knowledge of a person in different verticals of running a business by talks from experts in various functions of running a business like marketing, finance, technology etc….
  • you are in the company of fine like minded people who are ever ready to help, guide, consult & advise you in any problems you may be having

In this article I will highlight the main points of PoCC held this past friday where a session was held with Manish Gupta, entrepreneur coach & consultant from Chrysalis, who coaches and consults many entreprenuers in India and big brands across the world, this talk was specially helpful to first time entrepreneurs and people thinking of making the plunge,

The talk started with the ‘Bare Minimum’ qualities that an entrepreneur or wanna-be entrepreneur should have, qualities that were highlighted were:

  • Passion: Manish absolutely stressed that without Passion in his/her work there is no chance of any entrepreneur ever succeding & I totally agree with him, you have to be passionate about your work! passion comes when there is a burning desire to do the thing that you dearly love, so you should be doing what you love and you should have a burning desire in you to achieve your tasks
  • Ability to Take Risks/No Fear of Failure: It is a cliched statement to say entrepreneurs should have the ablility to take risks, but it is very difficult to do, risks we are talking about are not only of money and material things, one thing which came out in the discussion was that some people don’t make the jump because of the fear of failure, this is due largely to the perception that if the venture fails what will people think about you, people will also label you and look at you as a failure, so basically you are risking you prestige and self esteem and social image. If you are like these, enterpreneurship is not for you, instead if anything, you should be able to turn this fear of failure into an advantage and use it to motivate yourself no matter what your father, mother, wife, family, friends say! you should have the mental toughness not to give up after all everyone faces fear at some point of time, important thing is you should have the ability to turn it around.
  • Pride: Whatever you do you should have pride, you have pride in your team, your performance, pride in your self, whether you succeed or fail, so what! as long as you know you have tried your ultimate best, there is no need to feel guilty, you should be proud that you have done it.

Due to time constriants this discussion could not go further and Manish ended the evening by talking about ‘Ten Freedoms of Entrepreneurship’ for which conciously or unconciously people choose this path, but overtime forget it themsleves and burden themselves with unwanted issues,

Ten Freedoms Of Entrepreneurship:

  1. Ideals: Freedom to continually become the person who exemplifies your deepest values & highest ideals
  2. Free Time: Freedom of time, where you decide how to utilize your time to boost your effiency and productivity, freedom to plan, take, & enjoy increased amounts of meaningful & rejuvenating free time. Interestingly Manish mentions four types of Days: first is a Holiday, where you spend time with your family & friends or in social commitments, second is a Focus Day, When there is actually money generating activity,  third is a Buffer Day, which is used to prepare  for Focus Day & fourth day is a Free Day, which is a day for yourself, you can do whatever you like & relaxes you.
  3. Energy: Freedom from energy draining activities, relationships, situations & obligations
  4. Strategy: Freedom to think, plan, discuss & make progress in strategic exponential manner
  5. Relationship: Freedom to attract & develop the most creative, supportive, profitable relationships
  6. Money: Freedom to make increased amounts of money doing only activities that you excel & love
  7. Attention: Freedom to give your best attention, energies, resources & ability on your most important commitments
  8. Value: Freedom to create increased value for more & more individuals without the dangers of commodization
  9. Success: Freedom from guilt about increased ambition, success, wealth in your life. like I said earlier take pride in whatever you are and whatever you do
  10. Future: Freedom to imagine, to commit and actualize a continually bigger personal future.

If you are an entrepreneur or thinking of being one and live in Pune its a very good idea to join PoCC  http://punestartups.ning.com

mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/punestartups

Finally, I would request my readers to please give me feedback on my blog,  please don’t hesitate to drop comments and suggestions, your advice is very valuable to me.


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  1. Informative and useful. Thanks for the effort and time you take to make some ones day more informative. Cheers!

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