This coming saturday everyone related to blogging will descend on SICR near Model Colony for the second edition of Blogcamp Pune,

What is BlogCamp anyways….simply put blogcamp is an event organised by the bloggers for the blogging community focused on sharing, learning new ideas on various issues concerned with blogging where anyone who is interested & willing to contribute are invited to join in. this will be an intense event with demos, dicussions and interaction between attendents, you will hear from experts and people who are already into blogging speak and you will also get your queries answered and get more than usefull tips and tricks along the way to improve your blogs in every aspect. But you should ‘participate’ in the event rather than just ‘attend’, to participate you can do simple things like encourage ur friends to come along through social networks, word of mouth etc… you can also choose to take photographs of the event or take videos etc.. if someone isn’t already doing that!! or you can give an talk on a topic of your choice (related to blogging) even if it is only for 10 mins or promote the event by writing a blog (just like this one 😉 ), Idea being to get you involved rather than just ‘attending’ which would be even more fun and you don’t have to pay anything to participate in this blogcamp.

So if you already have an blog or else are interested in starting one yourself you should be definately attending blogcamp pune this saturday, my gut feeling is this is going to be a rocking and an awesome learning experience!! See You There 🙂

Although the event is free for all I recommend you register yourself right now:
To register for the event click here
For more details about this event, visit this site



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