Best Wimbledon Mens Final

Yesterday’s Wimbledon men’s final between Roger Federer & Andy Roddick was spectacular. After last years final which was pretty awesome too most thought that this year Federer would win fairly easily, but when the players got the court what followed was nearly five hours of pure awesomeness. It was really divine to see two people playing their hearts out with a single aim & focus on only one thing….winning the title.

The match had many exciting & spectacular moments:

one of them being the famous comeback by Federer in the second set tie breaker after being down three set points and coming back & winning it with his serve, in the entire match he had served up an incredible 50 aces.

It is quite interesting to note how both players were handling the pressure of the situation, while the pressure, anxiety, tension wasn’t showing  on either of their faces, you just knew it was there….while Roddick was looking up at the stand where his wife & coach were seated after the points, Federer seemed to be just talking to himself quietly and getting on with things as he usually does, I was reminded about a comment made by Fedex on TV, he said ‘you can only depend on yourself’ and i think it was evident from his body language that he believed that.

Even after the four & a half hours of tennis in the final set, with each of them trying to break anothers service, neither of them were ready to back down & never looked tired at any stage, finally after 30 games in the last set ,  Federer emerged as the champion.

The highlight of the match though I thought was Andy Roddick, not only because he played some great tennis but also because of the way he carried himself throughout the match, even after losing it, he was able to control his emotions and also applauded Fedex along with the rest of the spectators. Roddick although was always a good player, he was  looked upon as somebody who could be erratic at times and had inconsistency as an issue, but with this performance I feel he has shed that image and has really emerged as a a true champion & a great ambassador of the game, a serious contender of winning slams consistently, I personally hope to see more of Roddick in the Finals of the grand slams.

Finally I was also happy to see & hear my all time favorite Pete Sampras ( Pistol Pete), that really was icing on the cake for me, it was Sampras who ruled the roost what with seven wimbledon titles & fourteen grand slams.

So all in all it was a treat to watch a great sporting event with great sportsmanship and now hoping to see the same in the US Open



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