Beagle Board and Hawk Board Seminar

On 30th oct. (saturday), I attended a seminar on Beagle & Hawk Board at the CDAC centre in juhu Mumbai. It was a very interactive seminar, lots of stuff related to beagle & hawk boards, and how you can use them were told & discussed.

beagle board

here is a summary of what happened in this one day seminar:

Syed Khasim, who works at Texas Instruments and is known as one of the founders of beagle board started of the seminar with the overview of beagle board & the related families of processors on these boards.

He next mentioned the importance of choosing the right processors & boards for your projects as these make a difference in performances & costs. Texas Instruments as processors suitable for almost all applications from the basic (Sitara) to advanced which use audio, video & graphics capability namely the OMAP series of processors. So you can choose based on the your specific requirements & save costs & increase performance.

Capability of OMAP

Khasim demoed how to install Andriod on beagle & hawk boards. Some boards also come with android pre-built on the boards. For details you can visit rowboat project page. You can also install Ubuntu, Angstrom & Win CE on these boards. All follow basically the same steps with a few custom changes.

Demo of installing and working with apps on boards

After Khasim’s talk there was a session by Sunny Siji of Bizmobiletech who gave an overview of the OS on beagleboard and also talked about UI & Application development on the boards.

Chaitannya Mahatme of Pune’s open arm lab gave a presentation about building tool chains for ARM, such as linkers, loaders, compilers etc. and also gave a brief talk on the build environment for the linux & ARM.

A few people who already owned the boards had some problems which were solved & discussed at the end part of the seminar, and the interesting thing was the solutions were given by many in the audience. The seminar concluded with discussions on the things such as how to get this initiative of bringing the users & developers of beagle, hawk & panda boards together and how it can be made to do something substantial. All in all, I had a great time.

Note: I have not gone in detail about the various topics as it would be a very long post. I will write about these separately as & when i try these out, which hopefully will be very soon.


Beagle Board mailing list/group: http://groups.google.com/group/beagleboard

If you are a interested in beagle, hawk, panda boards in Pune and want to know more, you can visit Open ARM Lab website which they have just launched and also join their mailing list, it is a good resource.

Open ARM Lab Pune, mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/openarmlab

If you can know any other resources please write them in the comments section below, it will help the readers & me as well.