Google Instant

Google is rolling out google instant in India.  When I opened google this morning there it was.. finally I could use google instant. here is a short demo with screenshots:

when you first open google

When you first open google

When you first open google you will not notice anything different. it is when you start typing in the word you want to search, that you start noticing something….for this demo i’m using the keyword ‘nikhil’…


When start typing the keyword

you will notice that results are displayed as soon as i have started typing, it gives the relevant results for the words present in the search box as you keep typing, as you can see i have typed only the letter n of ‘nikhil’, it shows the most searched items beginning with n, similarly it will show the most searched items when i have typed the letters ‘nik’ & ‘nikh’ of the word ‘nikhil’, as shown in the images below.

search displayed as you type in the search box

search result displayed as the you type in the box

Also notice as we type in the keyword google highlights in grey of the most searched word of containing the same letters. (not sure if this there earlier)

word highlighted in grey.

google has also provided an option to turn google instant on & off,  this is located right next to the search box as shown

You can turn google instant on & off as & when you want.

At first glance Google Instant looks good, the search results are displayed faster than before. Looking forward to using it more and if there is something else to write about I will update this post.


Search Engines

From the past couple of days I have come across some very interesting new search engines, Google is still the big daddy as far as search engine goes, google i guess has the most number of users in the world than any other company and has the largest conglomerate on the internet with google docs, blogspot, google video,  youtube etc… but almost all its services can’t be called No.1, now they are sure to feel the heat in its primary domain which is ‘Search’.

here are a few new ones:

  1. : This is a newly lauched search engine by Microsoft, the other big daddy. They call this the ‘decision engine’.
  2. :  This is one of the engines that i liked and thought would be usefull, it not only gives links to websites that includes relevant topics but also gives results in various sections, such as, At a Glance where you get a brief para on the relevant topic, Video, Images, Blogs and Q&A’s on the revelant topics are also shown in sections which can really be helpfull in trying to accurately find what you are looking for.
  3. : This one also gives relevant links & brief paras on whatever topic you are looking for.
  4. This one is in the niche of finding relevant pdf files for your search query.
  5. This one I found of little use until now, but is a niche search engine claiming to be a scientific search engine, but many of the results to my query were not found, but if you enter a mathematical query it gives you the result. It has the potential, but has to go a long way i feel.

To conclude i think many of these search engines at present fill a niche that google has left out and they certainly are a good alternative for google in some cases & will be good competition. Hopefully we will see some quality features in the coming future from these companies in a bid to woo the users.