What, How and Why of Social Media Branding for Startups

This post has been orignally published on the PuneStartups website by me. Reposting it here for the benefit of readers of this blog
I attended the a social media conference that was held at Persistent Systems in Pune on 7th Sep. 2013. It was a very good event that gave an overview of social media in branding yourself and your business.

For the benefit of people who couldn’t make it to the event, I’m posting the notes I took during the event.
Note: This is not a comprehensive or complete coverage of the event and not in any particular order, just some points that I thought were worth jotting down, none the less I think these are worth sharing.

Why use social media as branding tools?

  1. Helps create awareness about your product/service.
  2. Facilitates one to one communication with your audience.

How to make content go viral?
No one has cracked this.
But the general guidelines are these,

  • Create great & useful (for your target audience) content. If it isn’t the useful, it won’t matter how great the content is because it won’t convert into sales, at best just good entertainment value.
  • Try to get other influencers share your content.
  • Important to get your audience insight
  • Encourage people sharing their stories
  • Be a moderator, encourage people to talk with each other.

Can I get sales out of social media?
Indirectly yes, by creating awareness and driving traffic to finally converting. Don’t do aggressive sales on social media, build a relationship with audience first as a thumb rule.

To be effective on social media, you will have to,

  • Start/get involved in conversations on topics that matter to you.
  • Express your own opinions on the matters, rather than just echoing opinions of other people.
  • Hijack trending topics that are relevant to you and contribute to the discussions.

To create a brand for yourself, is it necessary to write just about the professional things that we do at work.  
No, it’s not necessary to write about what you do professionally. Infact you should write about things you are passionate and excited about, it might be things you do professionally or as a hobby or one of your side projects etc. This will highlight things about you that people normally wouldn’t know about.

Didn’t bogging die with the advent of twitter?
No. If you want to express your feelings/opinions in more than 140 chars bogging is useful. Attention span has decreased with advent of twitter, so keep it short and keep scope for comments.

Measure of effectiveness on platforms such as twitter and fb:

See it from a qualitative angle rather than quantitative measure.  One RT from an influencer is more imp than several RTs from non-influencers.

Concern about privacy and identity theft.
For concern regarding privacy, there are basic privacy settings which you need to set right away on various social networking sites, but the best way is to put content online which is not personal and which you don’t mind making public anytime.

Regarding Identity theft, there is no other option than be very careful and in the lookout if there is something unusual going on in your account. Having said that you cannot stay away from having a social media presence because of the possibility of someone trying to steal your identity online.

Why use different social media sites?
Because different social media sites have different characteristics and USPs,
Facebook: Mostly for friends and family and people who you have been associated with.
Twitter: Follower/Following dependent on content rather than relationship. Good to find relevant content and start conversations with like minded people who care about topics you care about.
Linkedin: Professional social networking, good to connect with whom you have professional relations with or with whom there is a likely chance of having a professional relationship with in the future.

The important thing is to choose which ones suits your requirements and making the most out of it.
Which Social Media are a must to be on currently,
1. Twitter,
2. Quora,
3. Blogging,
4. Linkedin.

That’s it for now. What do you think, is there anything that you would want to add? Please do so in the comments, I will gladly add it in this post.



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